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Honed / Matte Finish

Honed finish on granite will not look as shiny as polished finish and will also lack the reflective nature seen on polished stones.
Honed gives the stone smooth and gloomy finish. Honed finished headstones are also scratch resistant since they are not glossy.

Leather finish

Leather finish gives a unique aesthetic to the stone and gives a natural look to the stone although the texture is created by skilled professionals.
The little nooks and crannies created will give the unique worn look of leather which is popular among many. The texture is mainly influenced by the type of the stone and its colour.


The surface of the stone is subjected to high temperature flame. This results in a faded, non-smooth, and slight colour variation because of the reaction of minerals in the stone with the flame.
Flamed is not the most preferred finish — at least among our Irish buyers. However, we get occasional order that require the headstone to be treated with flame.


Brushing the surface of the stone with metal rotary brushes creates an antique finish to the stone. This gives the stone a bumpy look since the brushing erodes all the softer particles on the surface, the surface will be fairly smooth.

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